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Wynne's Dahlias

We Grow Dahlia's Big!

Photo Albums

Dahlias in Weddings Dahlias in Weddings Nat, Steve & the cake 16185807 Dahlia arrangement in glass vase Two large dahlia, hydrangea, curley willow & contorted hazelnut arrangements stood at either side of the main entrance. I loaded up 10 buckets of dahlias, hydrangeas, twigs, grapes & various berries & trucked them all the way to Eastern WA- many hundreds of miles! Did the arr. on Friday night & placed them at the winery on Sat. morning - Whew! 16185786 Dahlia arrangement in vase #2 16185806 Both vases for the winery entrace 16185808 Inside of winery View of the inside of the winery where the reception was held 16185809 Table arrangment 15 arangements like this were on tables & any other place that needed some dahlias! 16185801 The tasting bar in the winery Two very large basket arrangements on the bar & two smaller ones dressed it up. 16185805 small arrangement on tasting bar 16185802 large arrangement on tasting bar 16185803 view down the tasting bar w/ arrangements 16185804 Big arrangement to anchor end of tasting bar 16185785 Large basket arrangement 16185810 Tsillan Cellars Winery outside The winery with the hills in the background is beautiful- makes you feel like you're in Italy! 16189405 View of stage where wedding took place 16189414 Nat & Mandy w/ the fathers Ken (steve's dad), Mandy, Nat, Walt 16189407 Steve & Natalie in the vineyard 16189410 Nat & Mandy Nat & Mandy- cousins & best friends - joined at the hip for over 30 years! 16189380 Walt & Nat Nat & Walt- getting ready for the big event. 16189412 Nicole & Sydney They are soooooooooooo cute!! 16190283 David & Nat Our two wonderful kids! 16190278 The bride & groom Tsillan Cellars Winery entrance 16190302 Artsy vineyard picture 16190303 Steve & Nat Waterfall where ceremony took place 139754689 The family of David Wynne Our son with his wife & kids 16191289 Nic & Syd our two beautiful granddaughters! 16191252 The Wedding Party Andy(bestman), Steve, Jim (pastor & friend), Nat, Mandy (maid of honor), Sydney & Nicole 16191298 The Cake Yummy cake- raspberry filling, fondant frosting, dahlias- the only thing missing was CHOCOLATE!! 16192125 Nat & Steve w/ the cake 16192094 Smoooooooching! 16192124 Dahlias for Jere' Zender's Wedding Lots & Lots of dahlias for Jere's wedding! Such a fun event to do the flowers for!! 203924336 Ban Wedding chuppa Four large arrangements covered up the pots holding up the Chuppa. They had mainly dahlias & roses in them with Contorted Hazelnut (Harry Lauder's Walking Stick) branches. 16192299 Chuppa arrangement #1 Closeup of 2 of the large arrangements 16192302 Table Bokay This arrangement featured Zorro & Wyn's Farmer John 16192324 Chuppa arrangement #2 16192321 Table Arrangement One of the 18 table arangements. Lilies, roses, button mums, mini-carns, dahlias & topped off with twisty willow & a few loops of Wisteria vines. 16192303 Table Bokay #2 The hydrange had just enough blue to tie in the table decor with the other flowers. This one has everyone's favorite-- Moonlight Sonata at the front. 16192325 Centerpiece at Sara's Wedding The table centerpieces at Sara's wedding were topiaries made of dahlias. Some were a single top-sitter AA some were 3-5 smaller dahlias taped together with floral tape. There was oasis in the container & it was covered with Spanish Moss. 16192300 Unity Candle with Farmer John & Fiesty Frieda Wyn's Farmer John named after Walt's dad & Wyn's Feisty Freda named after his mom were in the unity candle with some roses & ivy. John & Freda were married 60 years so we thought it might rub off on the bride & groom! 16192297 Ashley Zemel & Cory Hoover Sept. 3, 2006. I did the Zemel wedding featuring all BIG dahlias! The bride carries Wyn's King Salmon. The groom's boutineer is 2 pompoms & a mignon single along with some periwinkle & ivy 16192589 The boutineer The boutineer with 2 pompoms & a mignon single along with some periwinkle greens & ivy 16192605 Kyndra & seedling Kyndra carried one of our seedlings in hot pink. The bride's hairpiece was even dahlias- tiny mignons, peony flowering dahlias & some baby's breath 16192606 Dana Zemel-sister Dana- the maid of honor carrried Wyn's Highlighter. 16192607 The girls Left to right- Annie with Dauntless; Kyndra with our hot pink seedling; Ashley with Wyn's King Salmon; Dan with Wyn's Highlighter & Jodie with Wyn's Safari Sunset. 16192591 The dinner tables The centerpieces were one huge dahlia each in a beautiful wine bottle from Italy 16192608 The food tables dahlias on the food tables 16192590 The fountain The fountain had all sizes of dahlias floating in it- all the way from 12" giants to waterlilies to tiny mignon singles 16192609