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Wynne's Dahlias

We Grow Dahlia's Big!

Photo Albums

Wyn's Dahlia Pictures Wyn's Dahlia Pictures Wyn's Arctic Frost B C W The purest of pure white! Like snow in the garden! Beautiful for arrangements or baskets. 4.5-5' 169547096 Wyn's Aspen Glow AA SC Lt.Bl. Bronze/Yellow New in 2011!! This bronze beauty is a real eye catcher in the garden!! Vibrant blooms with lush foliage. Approx 5' tall. 107561583 Wyn's Autumn Reverie B C Lt Bl O/Y Prolific bloomer, beautiful fall color. Strong stems, bushy foliage. This bloom is a must have for fall arrangements & baskets. 169547038 Wyn's Bewitched-A SC Pr One of our 2008 introductions-- A SC Pr. Can reach AA size & is a really rich dark purple- the digital cameras can't get the color even close. About 4.5-5' tall. 54842218 Wyn's Conquistador-AA ID Y SOLD OUT Wyn's Conquistador is really bigger than a basketball! We introduced it 2006. It attains the huge size without any trouble at all. Even novice growers have come up with 15" x 12" blooms! Nice sturdy plant- broomstick stems, prolific tuber maker. 54861002 Wyn's Coral Reef AA IC Pink This spiky beauty is an eye catcher for sure! Beautiful glowing pink blooms with good strong stems to hold the giant blooms. Winner of best of section prior to being introduced. order 169546035 Wyn's Dapper Dad-A ID R We named this one for Cory's Dad- always dapper in his red vest & blazer & plaid pants at Christmas! A beautiful rich deep cherry red on tall strong dark purple stems. Stands about 5.5' tall the dark stems contrast nicely with the bright red blooms. 54861082 Wyn's Delta Frank-AASC O We introduced Wyn's Delta Frank in 2008-- named for our good friend Frank Snell. It's a gorgeous bright glowing ember color. It'll heat up even the dull rainy days. About 5 ' tall. 54861414 Wyn's Desert Sunrise AA SC Pink New in 2011!! Absolutely breathtaking in color. Soft & strong at the same time. This beauty is a must have! 4.5 to 5' tall $13.00 or . 107563835 Wyn's Eeekk!! -A weird DR This is the picture that Rodger & Colin Walker put in Dahlias of today when we first introduced Wyn's Eeekk!!. He's so funky & cool he defies an ADS description but he's an A size & is burgandy with white on the reverse of his twisty petals. He's our most popular dahlia & sells out fast! A great arranger's flower & a big show-off! About 4.5-5' tall. 169546333 Wyn's Fair Lady B ID Lavender SOLD OUT Soft & Subtle while quietly gorgeous described this lavender beauty. Petals go right around to the stem in the back. Winner of Best of Section prior to being introduced. 4.5' SOLD OUT 169546040 Wyn's Farmer John-AA ID LtBl W/L/Y AA ID LtBl One of our 2005 introductions it was on the head table in both of the shows we entered in 2005 & 2004 and continued it's winning ways in '06, '07 & '08! A close up of this beauty shows up the unusual color combination of Wyn's Farmer John. About 4.5' tall. 54861967 Wyn's Feisty Freda B ID Pr We introduced this beauty in 2004. Wyn's Feisty Freda is named after Walt's mom- she had to be Feisty- she had 13 kids!! It is an absolutely gorgeous color & has excellent form- closing right around the stem in the back. It's a nice B, ID & has won best of types & sections in many shows around the Pac. NW in the last 4 years. About 4.5-5' tall. 54861969 Wyn's Floradance A ID Orange SOLD OUT A frilly joyful tutu comes to mind when viewing this gorgeous bloom! Bright & Vibrant This bloom has already won best of section before being introduced! 5' 169546037 Wyn's Garden Glow-A ID LtBl L/Y We introduced Wyn's Garden Glow in 2003. It's an A ID LtBl L/Y. About 4.5' tall 54862119 Wyn's Ghostie B ID White New in 2011!The name says it all! Beautiful crisp white color looks like a friendly ghostie has taken up residence in the garden in the middle of summer! 4.5' tall. 107561586 Wyn's Honeycomb-AA SC Bronze This AA is BIG! Nice deep golden bronze colored blooms with really strong stems. Produces lots of tubers that keep well. 4.5 54862617 Wyn's Honey Spice-B C O Wyn's Honey Spice was one of our 2006 introductions. It has good form & is a beautiful honey-gold color. Strong stems, good form, lots of tubers that keep well. Stunning in fall arrangements & baskets. Height about 5'. 54862616 Wyn's Hot Lava A SC Flame Red/Yellow New in 2011!!! The fire in this flower will draw your eye right to the beautiful blooms! Vibrant & festive this is a must have for your garden! 5' tall. 107561587 Wyn's King Salmon-AA SCDP- We introduced this one in 2005. It spends a lot of time on the head table at shows in the Pacific NW! Beautiful Salmon color with a lavender overblush. Good strong stems. Stands about 5' tall. 54862615 Wyn's Lady in Red A C Red Picture a beautiful lady in a fabulous red gown lingering in your garden. This bloom will stop you in your tracks to take in it's beautiful deep color! Winner of Best of Section prior to being introduced. 5' 169546038 Wyn's Magic Spell AA FD LtBl O/Y Mellow peach makes this soft beauty a must have for the garden. Beautiful in any setting! Sturdy stems. 4.5-5' 144460890 Wyn's Mardi Gras-B SC Dark Blend Orange/Yellow Not really orange, not really coral- a pinkish orange with a yellow center- it just glows. Contrasting black stems make it stand out in the garden! 4.5' 169547097 Wyn's Mauve Mist-B SC LtBl L/Y A 2005 introduction from Wynne's Dahlias this B SC LtBl Lav/Y has won in shows in the Northwest for the last 4 years. Med. height bush, good strong stems & lots of blooms- gorgeous color, too! About 4.5' tall 54864743 Wyn's Moonlight Sonata-B ID DBDp /Y/O A forever popular dahlia, this beauty is a must have for your garden! Large blooms held by strong stems. 4.5' 169546334 Wyn's Mystic Moonlight-A ID DP SOLD OUT We introduced Wyn's Mystic Moonlight in 2006. It's a gorgeous deep pink color & has good ID form. Sturdy plants about 4-4.5' tall. Strong stems, good tuber production & a good keeper. A beauty-- like it's mom, Moonlight Sonata, it's very popular! SOLD OUT 169546309 Wyn's Mystique A SC DkPk Beautiful bloom, strong stems. A fabulous addition to your dahlia garden! 4.5-5' 169546886 Wyn's Neon Dream AA ID Yellow The name says it all! Bring back the bright yellow neon of the 80's & you have the color of this beautiful dazzler!! Strong stems to hold up the big beautiful blooms! Wyn's Neon Dream won Best in Show at the 2013 ADS National Show! What an honor! 4.5-5' 144460891 Wyn's NEW Pastel-A FD LtBl Pr/W We introduced Wyn's NEW Pastel in 2001. It's a lovely pastel blend of yellow & light orangey pink. It won a 1st, Best of Type & Best of Section in Vancouver. The ladies love the color. Strong stems & a prolific bloomer, it puts out LOTS of tubers, too! Grows about 5 feet tall. 54865361 Wyn's Pinking of You A SC Dk Pk This pink beauty is a must have for every garden! Beautiful blooms on deep green stems make for a fabulous eye catcher! 144469035 Wyn's Pure Magic- A ID LtBl Pr/W- One of our 2003 introductions. Gorgeous dark purple color with white reverse. 4 1/2 - 5 ft. tall. 54865932 Wyn's Radiant Star-A IC DkBl Pr/W Another of our 2008 introductions, Wyn's Radiant Star is a WOW hot magenta pink with white towards the center. About 4.5-5' tall 54865986 Wyn's Red Stiletto A SC Red Deep beautiful red, the color of the bottom of a Louis Vuitton stiletto pump! Gorgeous deep color with strong stems. Prolific bloomer. 5' 144531620 Wyn's Sensation-Darrill Hart Winner-A SC BR Wyn's Sensation was a sensation at the trial gardens in 2006- winning the Darrill Hart for highest overall score for an A or AA dahlia. Stands about 5.5 feet tall, has broomstick stems, is a prolific bloomer & -- you'll need help digging this one it puts out so many tubers! 54866637 Wyn's Serenity A SC Lav This lavender bloom is beyond gorgeous! A must have for all the lovers of shades of lavender/purple out there! 144469036 Wyn's Sleepyhead A ID Yellow He is called Sleepyhead because he will close up his bloom & go to sleep at night only to reawaken with the sun. This dahlia is a regular show winner! 144469038 Wyn's Spicy-A IC LtBl Br/Y We introduced Wyn's Spicy in 2008. The color is especially nice in the fall when the days & nights cool off. It's perfect for fall decorating. Stands about 5' tall. 54866855 Wyn's Sunbird A SC Yellow This yellow is so bright it looks like it's on fire! A stand out in the garden! Strong stems hold the blooms tall & proud. Won best of section prior to being introduced. 5' 169546036 Wyn's Sundazzler AA SC Y Best in Show at the Puget Sound Dahlia Association Show 2008 the first time shown & Best AA in Show the second time shown. Brilliant glowing yellow. Gorgeous form with luscious green leaves. Good strong stems with lots of tubers that keep well. 5' to 5.5' tall 54866856 Wyn's Summer Fling AA SC LtBl Y/P SOLD OUT This drop dead stunning bloom suits it's name to a T. The color evokes fun, sassy & beautiful! Dark green strong stems Won best of section prior to being introduced. 5' SOLD OUT 169546039 Wyn's Tuscan Sun- A C LtBl Y/Y We introduced Wyn's Tuscan Sun in 2006. It's a beautiful bright combination of gold with a bright yellow heart. Unusual color combination. Strong stems, lots of blooms, good tuber maker all make it a sure winner for the dahlia grower! Height about 5' 54867325 Wyn's Waltina AA ID Orange SOLD OUT Huge orange blooms that will knock your socks off!! Green leafy foliage & strong stems. SOLD OUT 144469039 Wyn's Yukon Gold A ID Yellow Classic ID form, reminds us of a lion's mane! This gorgeous bloom will be the king of the garden! Strong stems stand tall holding the beautiful blooms. 4.5-5' 144531621 Wyn's Zazzle B SC LtBl O/Y SOLD OUT Zazzle! Zazzle! VaVa Voom! This bloom will knock your socks off!! Beautiful color & strong stems. Prolific bloomer. 5' SOLD OUT 144531622 Dauntless-AA SC R Dauntless was introduced in 1985 by Bob Simon. It's one of our favorite blooms. Has won Best in Show frequently & is absolutely gorgeous! Reminds us of a volcano with it's explosion of yellow coming out of the red/orange of the petals. Great depth, wonderful color & broomstick stems! Height about 4.5-5' 54870873 Doncourt AA SC Red Brilliant red blooms on strong stems. Gorgeous dahlia introduced by Bob Simon. in 1985. 144469034 Edna C A FD Y This dahlia has won more awards than many others over the years. Everyone's favorite! 4' 169546310 Emory Paul AA ID Purple Just for fun we cut this Emory Paul (AA ID PR) big & put it in a huge pot of water & entered it in the WCDS show in People's Choice. It won hands down! This bloom can be HUGE! email [email protected] to order 19395865 Keith H WL Lt Bl Y/R This beautiful waterlily has been around for years! An oldie but a goodie for sure! Beautiful color & makes wonderful loose flower arrangements/baskets. 5' 169547095 Ivory Palaces AA ID Yellow Ivory Palaces is BIG! And very impressive. It has the strong stems to hold up the giant blooms & a lovely soft mellow yellow color. Grows about 3.5-4 feet tall 169547035 Shadow Cat-M FD DR This picture does not do justice to the beauty & color of this dahlia-- it's almost black. Hoping to get a better picture next year. It was introduced in 1986 by Les Connell. Stands about 4.5' tall- 54871670 Spike-AA C W Introduced in 1967 by Frasier in the US. The purest white & great form- Spike has won many Best of Show awards over the years. 54871291 Ste. Croix- A ID Br Introduced in 1988 by Bob Simon. It has the great strong stems that the Simon dahlias are noted for. Puts out really big clumps of tubers that keep well in storage. Grows to 4-5' feet in height with dark green foliage. 54871292 Taum Sauk-AA SC DR Taum Sauk is a Bob Simon introduction from 1989. A beautiful deep, dark red semi-cactus with the usual broomstick stems of a Simon dahlia. The stems are almost black giving a great contrast to the dark blooms. Especially gorgeous when the weather turns cool at night in the fall. Stands about 4.5-5' tall. 54871672 Wanda's Moonlight-AA ID Yellow One of the biggest blooms! Light yellow blooms with strong stems 4.5' 169547036 Zorro-AA ID Dk Red SOLD OUT 2002 - was a VERY good year for Zorro-- so was 2003- we won Best AA in three shows in a row & Biggest in Show twice with it!! If you're looking for a beautiful deep burgandy giant dahlia this is the one for you! Stands about 4' tall. SOLD OUT 169546308