Family & Fun Family & Fun Wynne Family Christmas 2007 Top Left: Walt, Cory, Kyle,David, Steve, Nat Bottom left: Nicole, Mamu, Sydney Christmas 2007. 16631483 Flying at the Kennedy Space Center Nat & Steve at the Kennedy Space Center 16631465 Western Fun in Arizona Nat, Steve & Syd Outlaws at large! 16631466 Cory & Nat Cory & Nat ready to head to the theatre & see Pirates of Penzance! 16631524 Walt w/ our kids & then w/ our grandkids! (on the left)Walt w/ David & Nat in the loader in 1971 (on the right) Walt with the grandkids Kyle & Nicole in the same loader in 2000! Things don't change much on the farm! 16632137 Grandson Kyle & his friend Eric After sanding a whole store, these guys sanded the entire outside of Bob's Restaurant & Sumas Mt. Inn. Boy were they sick of sawdust! 16632145 Mining in the Grand Canyon Walt, David & Kim--in an old copper mine about 2/3 of the way down the Grand Canyon 16632146 Stanton Arizona Cory, David & Kim, Stanton Mine in Arizona 16632139 My new baby! Getting my new car :-) 2006 16632138 Hoops Anyone? Walt giving Kyle a little boost to make the winning shot! Now at 17 Kyle could probably hoist Grampa up there! 16632147 Farmer John & Feisty Freda Walts parents John & Freda two great dahlias are named after them. 16632697 Walt with John & Freda 1960-- Fort Ord California~Walt had just completed basic training at Ford Ord & was getting ready to be deployed to Germany. His mom & dad came to drive his car back to the farm. Left: Walt with "Farmer John" his dad Right: Walt with "Feisty Freda" his mom 16672293 Cory, David, Kim & the kids hiking in Arizona Starting up the mountain in AZ- we didn't realize there was about 5 coolies to hike down & then up again between us & the mountain- but we made it to the point that you see in the background. It was soooo cool- there was petrogylphs up there on a rock wall & a Mano & Mete from an ancient village. 17015475 Walt & Cory hiking in Arizona About half way up the mountain-- Cory's getting TIRED!! 17015477 Cory & David hiking in Arizona On top of the world - you can see for miles-- made it all worthwhile. We found petroglyphs, & a Mano & Mete up there in Anasazi Viiiage ruin that dates from around 1100 AD. Wonderful!! 17015446 Farmer John w/ Belgins Dick & Dan Era --early 50's. Walts dad and Dick & Dan-- the two Belgins he cleared the farm with. 17015447 Dapper Dad! Cory's dad Jim Hampson at Christmas. He always wore festive outfits during the holidays & had a festive personality (see gold shiny bow at the neck!) hence his dahlia was named "Dapper Dad". 16672307 Cory's parents-Fay & Jim Hampson Cory's parents-Fay & Jim (Dapper Dad) Hampson. He's looking more Dapper without the gold foil bow! 17015476 Walt & Bob Simon Walt & Bob in the garden with Bob's dahlia Celebrity 17147572 Nicole with Dahlia umbrella Our granddaughter Nicole with a lovely Dahlia umbrella. 19568184 Christmas Day 2008 Nat & Walt on a hike around the farm in the snow- Cory was wise & stayed inside where it was warm! 20916873 On Christmas Day - Nat's on top of the world! On top of Sawdust Mountain down by the lower blueberry field. 20916874 On the Expedition Nat, Sydney & Steve half way home from the treck! 20917615 Our son David & his family Christmas 2008 Left Nicole, Kim, David & Kyle 21254965 The Wynne's having some pic fun :-) 21255097 We finally got serious & got a Christmas shot :-) 21254966 The Grandkids :-) 21255068 The Start of the Journey On Jan. 8, 2009 the Nooksack River flooded. The lower fields of Wynne Farm flooded more than ever before. Walt & I took our piroque down to the lower fields & paddled through what's usually blueberry fields, pasture & woods. In some places the water was over 5' deep. This is where we started. 22268654 The Middle Blueberry Field Paddling along the south side of the lower blueberry field. 22268661 Middle Blueberry Field Deep Waters! 22268673 Captian Walt Captain Walt about 3/4 of the way up the lower blueberry field. 22268660 First Mate Cory First Mate Cory tossed the Captain overboard & took off on her own! She's wearing 3 layers of coats & pants as well as raingear, boots, hat & gloves. First Mate Cory DOESN'T like to be cold- but she could hardly move in all those clothes! 22268659 The Lower Fields Looking West It almost looks like it's going to finally stop raining & clear up....but it didn't! 22268662 The Cedar Woods Paddling through the woods os fun...but spooky! 22268665 Little Cedar in the Birch Woods 22268667 The Birch Woods looking South The water's about 4' deep in the birch woods. 22268666 The West Cedar Woods. The spruce tree has been hit by lightening at least twice but it's still living. It lost it's top the last time lightening hit it. 22268668 Bald Eagle in Borch Tree This Bald Eagle was giving us the hairy eyeball. I was hoping it didn't think my hat was a small animal! There was 2 EAgles down there that day looking for anything they could scavange. 22268671 Nicole with her First Car June 2009. Nicole turned 16 in May & got her first car- a VW Jetta in June. 42927725 The Proud Family David, Kim, Kyle & Nicole at Grad. 41799359 Kyle & Dalton More than one Wynne graduated in '09- Cousin Dalton Wynne did it, too! 41799360 Kyle & Shelby They're too cute!!! 41799362 Kyle with empty folder Kyle is pouting because his certificate folder is empty! (He picked up the certificate later that night) 41799363 The Celebration Bonfire For Kyle's grad he wanted a Wynne Bonfire- & WOW did he ever get one. We even had to get a permit for this one! The fire gets started by using marine flares. 42931408 The fire grows. First they built a dam on the ditch & then took our pump, generator, fire hose, Cat. tractor & Zetor Tractor to keep things under control. 42931410 Kyle & Shelby The kids LOVE a fire! 42931411 The heart of the fire. After 3 hours the ember pile was about 10' high & 20x20 wide. It was HOTHOTHOT! 42931413 Blueberry Bushes on Wynne Farm We don't just grow dahlias here on Wynne Farm- we grow raspberries & huge Duke Blueberries, too. 48264059 Walt & Blueberries 2009 The best picker! 48264060 More Blueberry Picking Cory tries to keep up! 48264058 Dahlias at Virginia Mason Mom had really nice nurses at Virginia Mason~this is Jessica with SunDazzler on her head! :-) 137279920 Dahlias at Virginia Mason Delphine with SunDazzler at Virginia Mason 137279921 Planting Daughter Nat's dahlia bed Walt & Nat putting the finishing touches on her dahlia garden :-) 144567242 On Guard! Planting at daughter Nat's~you never know what will happen! LOL 144567243 Granddaughter Nicole's Graduation Sydney, Kim,Nicole, David, Nat & Walt at Nicole's graduation :-) 144567470 Wynne Family Christmas 2010 Annual Family Picture :-) 144567872 Hildy with Jen & Angela Jen & Angela from Gardens Alive with Hildy in the garden :-) 144604950 Beep! Beep! Jen & Angela from Gardens Alive giving Hildy a little drive thru the dahlias :-) 144604951