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Wynne's Dahlias

We Grow Dahlia's Big!

Customer Feedback

We hear many wonderful things from our customers. Here is a sampling of what people have to say about our dahlias.

I would like to acknowledge receipt of the Dahlia tuber shipment that arrived yesterday, it landed in an admirable state, intact not even a sprouting dahlia eye disturbed, they appear extremely healthy . Romel

Love your site, I trawl the net for dahlia websites & yours is one of the best I've found so far. Love the pics in "seed to dahlia". Thom

Wynne's order arrived in good shape & 100% accuracy on the order. Excellent communication, labeling & packaging. Extra tubers were included to accomodate for slightly thin tubers on one & also as a bonus. Very helpful grower, always willing to share advice. Poochella

First time I ordered from Wynne's Dahlias & I am very happy with my purchase. Tubers were healthy, clearly marked & all produced strong plants with wonderful blooms. Great communication when ordering also. Sabinka

Wonderful website, huge selection & plenty of instructions. My order came right on time with an extra tuber thrown in for free! Tubers were healthy, well labeled & package was insulated against the cold. Lawrence

Great service and great shipping/packaging. Plump healthy tubers, well labeled with tags that last for storage. Responded quickly to emails. Will be ordering again! Rich

Thank you for your great contribution to the wonderful world of dahlias. Your varieties are amazing! Jim

One December evening I found myself on your website reading the letters posted by people who have had the good fortune of visiting your beautiful home and gardens, as we did in 2009. I told my husband I may never get to Disneyland but we've been to Wynne's and that's much better! Anne

I have several of your Dahlia tubers from a few years back, they are AMAZING and my favorite flowers in my garden! Still blooming strong today... October 24 - in Hermann Missouri! Two plants (of the original 10) are going bonkers! Christine

Wow, I can't belive after all the wind & rain, my BB's are doing face plants in the garden BUT my Wyn's Sleepyhead is standing straight & looking like it's never seen a drop of rain!! Tina

Wow, I can't belive after all the wind & rain, my BB's are doing face plants in the garden BUT my Wyn's Sleepyhead is standing straight & looking like it's never seen a drop of rain!! Tina

Hi Walt & Cory, Just thought I'd let you know that Bewitched and Radiant Star did very well at both shows this year. Bewitched was the best A bloom of the State Fair show and made Court of Honor. Chuck K.

"Your dahlias were tall and luxurious in my garden – I planted them among other tall favorite and they still stole the show! Thanks so much for the beautiful blooms! Your fine work is made evident each time a flower opens. I brought bouquets to friends with whom I work. One gal walks onto the Whidbey ferry boat. Other boat riders were amazed by the size and colors of the blooms." Linda

"Just wanted to thank you for the great extras!! Everything arrived in fantastic shape." Mari

"I've really enjoyed growing your dahlias and look forward to trying some new ones this year." Bob

"Thank you for the bonus and great insulation, healthy tubers, nicely marked labeling, etc. on them." Carrie

"You have the most amazing dahlias" Grahame Goodwin

"First time I ordered from Wynne's Dahlias and I am very happy with my purchase. Tubers were healthy and clearly marked, and all produced strong plants which are blooming right now. Great communication too"

Sabinka from Bainbridge Island

"08- another order from Wynne's arrived exactly on time and in great shape. Their tubers tend to keep better than many varieties: bred for quality, perhaps. Order with confidence and especially enjoy their massive A and AA blooms" Poochella, Issaquah WA

"Wanted to let you know the tubers I ordered from you last year were wonderful" John

"Eeek! bloomed beautifully, Moonlight Sonata was amazing & Dapper Dad was a wonderful addition to my garden" Devi

"Wow! The tubers I purchased from you grew amazing dahlias! 

Thank you!" Jamie

"King Salmon performed very well in the Cashmere show, folks loved it!" Ed & Barb

"Wynne's Dahlias are highly reputable and Wynnes themselves are about the nicest people ever treading in the dahlia world. They are known for hybridizing many of the large beauties you see posted here and keep the winners coming every year. Their tubers are tops"

"I went south to take in the show this afternoon & was stunned to see a seedling get Best in Show- then I heard that it was yours! It even out-shone the Inland Dynasty. Congratulations!!"

Thanks so much for all your help. This has certainly been about the most pleasant ordering experience I can imagine. Diane

I received my dahlia order today.Thanks a million for your prompt and excellent service and the quality of the tubers! Have a great growing season! Cyril

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